Contact Us

Due to Covid-19, we will be consulting solely from Vermont South Medical Centre until further notice.

Vermont South Medical Centre

T: (03) 8547 1195
F: (03) 8547 1190

The primary practice of Diana Francis Hand Therapy will be located at Vermont South Medical Centre, 645-647 Burwood Hwy, Vermont South.  Diana Francis Hand Therapy will also consult from Head to Foot Orthotics, 39 Centre Way, Croydon and Suite 7, Knox Private Hospital Consulting Suites, 262 Mountain Hwy, Wantirna.  Appointments for all locations to be made via our Vermont South rooms on the phone number above.


Where to Find Us

  • Vermont South Medical Centre 645-647 Burwood Hwy, Vermont South.  You can find Diana Francis and Nic Young in the consulting suites located on the 3rd Floor.

Diana Francis and Nicole Young also consult from:

  • Suite 7 Consulting Suites Knox Private Hospital
    262 Mountain Hwy
    Wantirna  3152

  • 39 Centre Way
    Croydon South 3136
    The building is branded Head to Foot Orthotics